Day 1 - Jesus is the Word

Today's Big Points

1. Creator

2. Communication

3. Commands

Questions to Ponder

How does receiving the unfailing love of Jesus give me the motivation and power to speak and show love to others? My spouse? My children? What is my next step?

Day 2 - Jesus is the Lamb

Today's Big Points

  1. John Recognizes that Jesus was the lamb
  2. John Reveals who Jesus was and why He was here
  3. John Received the Revelation of the Spirit coming on Jesus

Questions to Ponder

  • What types of sacrifices do I make to try to make myself right with God on my own? Why don’t those sacrifices work?

  • What is one area of my life that I need to learn more to trust Jesus?

Day 3 - Jesus and His Friends

Today's Big Points

A Disciple is a learner:

  1. Follow and imitate
  2. Listen and learn
  3. Participate while under direction

How did he build His community?

  1. Preaching
  2. Disciples inviting friends
  3. Personally

Questions to Ponder

  • How did you come to know Him?

  • Now that you know Him how has being His disciple changed you?

  • How has He used you to gather other disciples?

Day 4 - Jesus Is Kind

Questions to Ponder

  • Is kindness an undervalued characteristic in our world today? Why or why not?

  • How does experiencing the kindness of Jesus help us be kind to others?

  • Who is someone in your life that you could show God’s kindness to this week?

Day 5 - Jesus Gets Angry

Questions to Ponder

  • If He were to walk through our home, church, or private time; how would He respond?
  • Have you ever burned with zeal when you should not have?
  • Have you ever been passive when should burned with zeal?

Day 6 - The Gift Of Jesus

Questions to Ponder

Today’s Big Points

1. The Love of God

2. The Gift of God: His only son!

3. The requirement of faith

4. Eternal Life

Day 7 - Jesus, The Living Water

Questions to Ponder

* What are the differences between an Old Testament hero like Jacob and Jesus?
* What things do you tend to turn to for satisfaction instead of Christ? For your Children:
* Why was it surprising that Jesus talked with this woman?
* Who is the living water?
* How does Jesus, the living water, satisfy our souls?

Day 8 - Jesus and the Rules

Questions to Ponder

• Are you more a rule keeper or rule breaker?

• How can rule breaking be a path to rejecting Jesus? How can rule keeping be a path to rejecting Jesus?

Day 9 - Jesus and the Father

Questions to Ponder

• Why is Jesus’ obedience to the Father so important for you and me?

• In what ways can you—as a child of God—love and know him better? What can you do to join in his work in the world around you?

Day 10 - Jesus Feeds the Crowd

Questions to Ponder

• How has Jesus shown himself to be the “bread of life” in your life?

• How has God used brokenness in your life to heal you and even help others?